Tuesday, May 8, 2007


My Nova is in it's new home today. My old lathe was giving me fits as I wasn't happy with the tailstock or the banjo. I wasn't able to tighten either of them, sufficiently, to suggest any type of confidence. No matter how I tightened the retaining bolts, I could either not slide it at all, or not secure it firmly. The lathe did a good job on introducing me to turning, but now it's time for something serious.

I havn't added any ballast yet, nor have I done anything but turn it on and wind it up. What I can say is, it's smooooooth! The tailstock, banjo and toolrest slide easily and lock up tighter than (insert whatever analogy you like.) The swivel headstock locks securely and firmly. I'm really looking forward to giving this thing a whirl later this week.